24 Dec 2017

Digital release // Iza kapije

a m b i e n t   i m p r o v

First release with long term collaborators - duo PonTon from Belgrade. PonTon are soundscape storytellers since 2008. Duo consisting of Igor Stangliczky on electronics and Marko Jevtić on guitar with effects, blends electro-acoustic noise and improvisation. Their signature sound is heavy use of processed field recordings, circuit bent synthesizers and layered acoustic guitar textures. PonTon plays soundtracks for imaginary movies with improvised themes, and misty and moody atmospheres for all daydreamers out there.

7 Dec 2017

Ristić Džukljev Duo ~ Digital Release

Ristić Džukljev duo is presenting its third (self-released) digital album recorded with the audience at The Institute for Culture of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, April 2017.

From prepared piano to detuned violin, cardboard and balloon noises, improvisational approaches of the duo are sculpturing complex acoustic narratives reflecting darksome but emotionally charged atmosphere. In this musically rich "space" every little microtonal cluster, fragment of a melody or harsh noise has its own specific character. Carefully placed in abstract timeframe, phrases, or better to say sound scenes, are unraveling almost macabre reality evoking imaginative listening.

16 Nov 2017

Salt pit & other memories

s o u n d  a r t 

the track Salt pit & other memories is made of several field recordings taken from different approaches, for example, the sound of sea breaking the waves is recorded from the inside of 1 meter deep salt pit, later the acoustics of the pit are amplified. further, the sound of walking over rocks is recorded with JrF hydrophone, producing not so typical sound when recording in the air, and the piano improvisation is recorded from inside an old piano, enriching the sound with harmonics and crackling of an old mechanism.

locations where recorded are Glogovac, Lenga, Rt Ražnjić, filed in Pupnat, an old open air quarries and the lighthouse, and in-the-hill village, all on the island of Korčula.

boy with lantern is Luka Bilbija, photos are taken at night on Rt Ražnjić, September 2017

10 Nov 2017

digital release >> Agua de rosas

i m p r o v i s a t i o n a l  [ [ s o n i c ] ]  e x p e r i e n c e

Tatiana Heuman & Manja Ristić first met and performed in the summer of 2016. Although belonging to two generations and coming from different parts of the world, they have similar approach to intuitive performing and share mutual love for sound creation beyond genres. 

An intimate journey of two performers opens time portal to the magical island of Korčula where they live and create in domestic coexistence. The sound of a dog walking on a wooden floor, stone streets echoing with strange human activities, sound of birds and rain, and magnificent involvement of the kids, the recording unravels sonic showers of the atmosphere and handful of details produced with kitchen objects, found objects, built and/or prepared instruments.

Released November 11th 2017

Manja Ristić, violin, bells, cymbals, Bolephone, balloon, stones, found objects
Tatiana Heuman, voice, drums, Bolephone, stones, found objects
The kid Luka
The dog Bole
Depolo Street pass-by-ers
Rain & Thunder field recording by Manja Ristić
Cover art by Luka Bilbija

6 Nov 2017

// Horizon Lost

p h o t o s c o r e

Fog IV _Vertical Horizon ]] 

H o r i z o n  L o s t  series is emerging from the analogue ambient dron, produced by acoustic interventions in space with built instrument(s). Found objects and/or objects composed out of natural materials such is clay or stone, wood or metal are ideal in conceptualizing the compositions. Suggested length is 25min per score.